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"I really enjoy my stay in London, everything is nice here. This journey is definitely worth it and I would give it a 10 out of 10, it is flawless."
Anson, 2017

"This trip was adventurous and memorable. The host family took care of me very much and I enjoyed playing with their children. This trip made me feel more confident to speak English. "
Kenny, 2017

"The teachers are lovely, brilliant and fabulous!"
Katie, 2017

"It's an unforgettable experience to have a taste of British culture."
Vincy, 2017

"I can't believe how time flies so quickly. This experience will be unforgettable for the rest of my life."
Eleanor, 2017

"Teachers are very nice and encouraging. The learning and living atmosphere is relaxing and enjoyable."
Charmaine, 2017

"It's the best study tour I've ever been on."
Fiona, 2017

"I really enjoyed my time in the UK. I made a lot of new friends."
Shreya, 2017

"I love it here so much. Every day is an adventure. I feel more confident."
Catherine, 2017

"I enjoyed this programme as I can join a large variety of activities and learn a lot in term of English language skills. I like the teachers who are both so considerate and friendly. The stay is so rewarding."
Audrey, 2017

"I really enjoyed the stay. The boarding house is really cosy and the environment is stunning. I also love my teachers and all excursions and outdoor games."
Elly, 2017

"It is a lovely once in a lifetime experience to me! I love it a lot. I will miss the UK."
Lydia, 2017

"I love the time studying with teachers and new friends. Teachers are very nice and friendly. The whole atmosphere is really nice."
Queenie, 2017

"I think the teachers at Excel are superb. They are really nice and have great teaching skills. I really enjoyed the journey with them."
Melody, 2016

"The room is beautiful and the food is great!"
Kelly, 2016

"It was amazing. I had a fantastic summer with all the students and teachers!"
Kevin, 2016

"I loved the whole programme. I enjoyed staying in the boarding house, making new friends, the excursions and activities. I will surely recommend this to all my friends and I will join this programme if there is a chance next year."
Jessica, 2016

"I like this trip very much. The teachers are really fantastic and the activities are great."
Oscar, 2016

"I loved this programme very much! The food is great and our room is very comfortable."
Kelly, 2016

"Our host family has been really nice and welcoming for these two weeks."
Lee, 2016

"They're (the host family) really nice and treat me as their own daughter."
Natalie, 2016

"It was the best trip I"ve ever been on in my life. It"s a very good experience and I want to thank everyone who has organised and helped us. I also thank Excel for giving us a chance to experience and learn English culture"
Nicholas, 2015

"The teachers are very nice and kind, the food is great and the boarding house was excellent. Thank you. I hope I can come back again"
Cyrus, 2015

"Our interesting teachers were really friendly and I treasured every moment I spent with them. I hope they can keep this up and inspire more students in the future :)"
Kiska, 2015

"I want to join this programme one more time!!"
Justin, 2015

"The trip was very good. The teachers are nice and kind and the host family took good care of me. I love this trip very much"
Sharon, 2015

"The teachers are energetic and passionate"
Michelle, 2015


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