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Hanna Walton Hanna Walton BA, PGCE, MA, TESOL (CMC)

I have been devoted to education for over 40 years and started professional life as a teacher of English at an inner city London secondary school.

Throughout my career, I have wanted to help students learn as quickly and as efficiently as possible. I undertook extensive academic research into psycho-linguistics and key principles of second language acquisition to benefit students to become independent learners. The systematic learning encourages students to express their own ideas, opinions and imagination.

Over the last 28 years, I have welcomed thousands of students from all over the world and it’s their enthusiasm for learning that fuels my desire to continue reaching out to them. These projects are truly unique experiences for everyone involved and one that our students remember for the rest of their lives.

My notable achievements include:

  • Conceptualised the "Excel Teaching Method"
  • OUP author: Designed, planned and writing of a series of textbooks, "English Treasure" for junior secondary students
  • OUP consultant in Hong Kong
  • Conceived, wrote and delivered a BEd course in TESOL for the University of Greenwich
  • Consultant and lecturer at the Institute of Education
  • Designed schemes of work, teaching approaches for school-based projects (long stay, short stay, homestay, residential) for primary and secondary schools based in France, Holland and Germany
  • Developed materials for a wide variety of educational and learning projects
  • Conceptualised and supported the delivery of professional development training programmes including high level, intensive and extensive communication projects for business and professional purposes
  • Created audit frameworks for whole company CPD and training policies
  • Trained over 1,000 teachers and teacher trainers for a wide variety of educational projects
Tom Walton Tom Walton BSc, FCA

I have a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Imperial College and am a Fellow Chartered Accountant in the ICAEW. Since the late 90s I have been involved in the successful delivery of educational projects at the Excel Academy in one way or another for 25 years.

My considerable experience in devising and managing programmes has made the Excel Academy projects ever more personalised, structured and effective. For the last 10 years, I have focused on the strategic planning and improvement of the quality of our programmes for primary and secondary students, responding meaningfully to changes and new objectives.

Our aim is to deliver experiential, life-training and life-changing programmes that are truly educational. We offer students the opportunity to study just as their British peers do and their response is always remarkably positive. They make a real success of our short, intensive, intercultural programmes and their progress never ceases to amaze me!

Past students return home with improved written and oral communication skills as well as increased confidence and independence. Very importantly, they become equipped to perform successfully in interviews for further study in their home countries or abroad.

Simon Wells Simon Wells BA (Hons)
Project Manager

I joined the Excel Academy team in 2008 and am predominantly focused on recruiting teachers to deliver our programmes.

Our staff are hugely important to the ongoing success of the Excel Academy and I am committed to ensuring we attract and train exceptional and outstanding teachers. All teachers need to share the Excel Academy values and create learning environments that are stimulating, motivating and encouraging for our students.

A considerable part of my time is devoted to arranging intensive training programmes to ensure that all teachers are able to perform at their highest levels.

Jim Barry Jim Barry BA (Hons), Safeguarding Level 3
Project Manager

I have made significant contributions to Excel Academy in the delivery of educational projects for the past 7 years. The detailed work and variety of tasks necessary to make the different aspects of the programmes work well is both interesting and meaningful.

A key aspect of my role is to carefully select and manage host families that are recruited to look after our students. It is my responsibility to ensure that all families are thoroughly screened in all criteria of the Excel Academy guidelines, particularly in our commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.

It is fantastic to work with an Excel Academy team, who are so dedicated to education and delivering only the highest level of quality programmes.




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