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Intensive 1 to 1 courses

Our highly experienced linguistic experts ensure maximum progress for each individual client. We assess client's pre-course language abilities and ensure progress to the next level of competence as set out below:

Level 1: Basic English - dealing with everyday tasks

Level 2: Situational English - dealing with predictable work, everyday survival situations and exchanging information

Level 3: Operational English - dealing with a variety of work tasks; Exchanging information about professional and personal issues

Level 4: Operational English - dealing with matters arising from your job role, discussing the situation

Level 5: Managing Interactions in English - dealing with specific and complex business situations

Level 6: Leading and Controlling in English - dealing with all complex and specialised business situations and conventions

Group courses can be arranged for clients with similar backgrounds and objectives

We provide a complete and totally personalised service in addition to our pre-arranged courses. We include transfers from airports, as well as all accommodation arrangements

Course content

The course offers a programme of between 30-36 hours per week with the option to develop social skills in English at lunch with their trainer. This approach enables clients to:

  • Become competent in expressing their own ideas and opinions in English
  • Control, direct and participate in meetings
  • Give factual and persuasive presentations
  • Make proposals
  • Negotiate a contract
  • Describe, explain and solve problems
  • Exchange information

This is achieved in the framework of a client's business environment, i.e.

  • Your company: structure, organisation, finance and culture.
  • Your job: responsibilities and role.
  • Your product: production, sales and marketing.

Professionals will also have a chance to learn to communicate in English about their own specific interests and topics.



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